The Original Energy MixerHIJINKS

HIJINKS is an innovative energy liquid that clearly separates itself from current energy drinks, shots and other caffeinated products. Use HIJINKS and get the energy you need in a beverage you want at the time you choose and in a place you desire.


Coffee has long been the energizing drink in the morning. With HIJINKS, now orange juice, apple juice, grapefruit juice and even shakes can provide a more nutritious and energetic way to start your day. Choose one flavor today, another tomorrow, still another the next day, and with HIJINKS each can become an energy beverage that changes with your every day.


Iced teas and caffeinated sodas were the primary choices to get through the after lunch crash. Adding HIJINKS to your choice of other non-caffeinated sodas and smoothies, offers a new twist in providing the energy needed to keep you going.

Energy drinks and energy shots are no longer the only way to prepare or get through work or a work out. HIJINKS can turn sports drinks and water into a thirst quenching supply of energy.


When the work is done and it is time to play, HIJINKS can mix in your favorite beverage to help keep you and the party going.

In a world of caffeinated products limited by their same old looks and flavors, HIJINKS: The Original Energy Mixer is unmistakably different. Use it in your favorite beverage and design your own energy drink.